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Review-laptops and tablets are large plates of glass and electronics that, more than anything else, want to find a hard surface or body of water to throw themselves into. Or it can sometimes feel like that when you travel with you! A company called Phoozy has developed a series of covers they call capsules that extend their drop resistance and thermal barriers to provide floating protection for their electronics. IP66 water resistance keeps your laptop or tablet from rain, snow, spills, and actual immersion!

What is it?

A layered soft cover around tablets and laptops zippers to protect against overheating, freezing, water damage and impacts.


The patented chrome heat shield is adapted to NASA technology that protects astronauts, electronics and satellites in extreme space conditions.

IP66 water resistance rating protects your laptop from rain, snow, pollution, and water.
HydroGuard Technology in our materials and zippers repels water and floats completely in the water when the unthinkable happens.

The Impactor Core 2.0 offers military-grade impact protection to absorb surprise and reduce damage from accidental impacts.

Slim, slim and lightweight design fits easily into other pockets or use the quick release adjustable shoulder strap that comes with a cushion for comfortable wearing on the body or over the shoulder. Multiple connection points allow a vertical or horizontal port.

Laser cut Molle patch panel on the back allows you to easily connect other PHOOZY products and gear to adjust your load.

The Phoozy Tablet/Laptop Capsule offers 6-layer protection to protect your devices while maintaining their operating temperature for as long as possible when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. However, capsules should not be stored for more than 3 hours in a hot or cold vehicle.

Design and functions

The Phoozy Capsule is available in two Sizes, 11″ and 13″. Each size is available in four colors: Cosmic Black, Iridium Silver, Iridium Gold and Realtree Timber. I was sent the 13″ model in black.

Total size is 13.5″ x 10″ x 1″. Double pull zipper extends over the top and 3.5″ down on each long side. At each end of the zipper, a molded plastic d-ring is sewn into the sleeve body. On one side, there is another D-ring that is also sewn about 3 inches from the bottom, allowing the user to attach the supplied 53″ 1.25″ adjustable Nylon strap in a horizontal or vertical orientation. The strap has 2″ Swivel Hook Clip-on at both ends and an 8″ padded shoulder piece that can slide along the entire length. Unfortunately, there is no handle if you removed the shoulder strap and packed the Sleeve in a larger pocket.

Final Thoughts

We had all the covers and covers for Tablets, Phones and laptops. Some work well, others protect against the bumpy corner or allow you less to worry about running to your car in the rain. The Phoozy system is based on NASA technology and not only protects against frost by insulating your Technology inside, but also against water, overheating in a hot car, while saving your messages in your pocket. Not too bad.

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