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REVIEWS-I am a warm person and I work in a very busy office environment these days. Going from dice to dice, meeting different people in my area and with this extremely hot summer it becomes difficult to stay cool most of the time. I had found a good, empty and cool office where I could escape from time to time for a call to cool off. But after receiving the CoolView Kensington Monitor support, it’s no exaggeration that it makes my workday easier.

What’s this?

It is a monitor / laptop stand with integrated frame in the support legs for modular fans, radiators and air purifiers. This version only has the fan – with a future air purifier and heating module to be received soon-so stay tuned for an update.

What’s in the box ?

  • Stand
  • Fan
  • Optional cable guide clips
  • Instruction


Design and features

The bracket comes in a very simple design with a height of 3.5″ of the table height and a weight capacity of 200 lb. The rectangular frame brackets allow the insertion of the modular units: fan, heater and / or air purifier. These are USB-powered devices with a long cable, so you are not limited to holding them in the base of the holder. I have my laptop with dock on the bracket with the fan at the bottom of the unit.

The button on the left is the power control with the fan at high and low speed. On the right side there is a sliding adjustment that controls the flow of air to the left / right.



The mount brings my laptop a much more even eye level with my other monitors – while the fan provides an excellent cooling airflow when I start to warm up. It doesn’t make much noise, even at high power, but I wouldn’t really notice it, since I have my headphones on most of the time, I’m at my desk anyway. The cooling is excellent in that it provides a steady but not too strong airflow that I can adjust throughout the day if needed.

I am very pleased to be able to test the heating and air purification modules. Although I’m warm in nature, I’m still cold in winter, especially my feet – so the fact that I can move the device to the ground if necessary would be great. And for the air purification unit, I want to see if it helps with my allergies this fall and next spring!

What I love

Elegant design fits perfectly into the modern office
The fan works very well
Puts my laptop on par with my other monitors
What needs to be improved
The only change I want to see is additional controls to move the vents up/down as well as left/right to be a little more custom. Granted, I could take it out of the mount and put it on its side so I can set it up/down – just one of those controls overall is the least constraint.

Final considerations

I’m a big fan of well this fan. Understand ? Okay, bad joke. But seriously, the bracket and fan made my workspace much more comfortable and that’s a big problem considering how much time we spend in our offices these days. I also didn’t realize how much I had to adjust my neck when moving visually between monitors until I didn’t have to do it anymore. And for the price it really can not be overcome. I recommend it to everyone who needs a monitor stand – the fan and other modules are a bonus that pushes this up in terms of value.

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