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REVIEW – A phone without a cover is just unsafe, or so the saying (that I just made up) goes. While thicker kontrollkästchen add protection, they also add bulk, often obscuring the original design of your phone. Enter the go Original iPhone Slim cover from KASE. This slim cover is designed to add minimal bulk while providing a bit of scratch and drop protection.

What is it?

The GB Original iPhone Slim cover is an ultra-thin cover measuring 0.35 mm thick. It covers the back and the sides of the phone but leaves the screen edges unprotected. As it is made of Polypropylene, it is quite flexible and easy to install.

What’s in the box?

KASE-gb Original iPhone Slim ultra-thin cover and that ‘ s it

Design and features

It’s clear from the first glance that this ultra-thin cover is not designed with protection in mind. What it is designed for is to allow you a bit of protection while minimally alternating the form factor of your device. The frosted black color is translucent, so you can see the branding on your phone.

The cover extends up the sides of the phone but does not form a lip around the screen like others, so it ‘ s still completely persible to drops where the phone lands on its face. As it is, I’d like to pair this with some form of screen protector.

The cut-outs for the buttons on the sides are aligned correctly, as are the speaker ports and space for the lighting jack. Oddly, the speaker areas are just holes in the cover. While my 49 year old ears couldn’t detect and volume loss or muffling, it equal, ich a strange choice rather than simple cut-outs.

What I like

  • Very thin
  • Translucent, allowing you to see more of the Phone ‘ s design
  • Light
  • What I ‘ D change
  • Very slippery
  • No protective lip around the screen

Final thoughts

This cover is a good bet if you’re looking to preserve the original dimensions, look and feel of your phone. It provides a modicum of protection against short drops and scrapes. It will not, however, protect the screen from Direct hits and / or more severe drops. Its main weakness, though, is that it’s almost as slippery as the phone is without a cover. As such, I’d prefer more of a grippy cover for something that is marketed as an ultra-thin cover for your device.

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