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REVIEW-I’m all about finding sneaky bargains. And let’s be real: you don’t always need a high-end bag to get the job done. Today I’m checking a pair of wallet-friendly offers from Inateck in their backpack and laptop sleeve. You can get both for less than. Is the bargain price worth the investment? For the review!

What is it?

It is a basic laptop backpack with built-in USB port, and a laptop sleeve for your 13″ laptop. Note that these are separate purchases, not sold in a bundle.

Material specifications
The Backpack:

16″by 11″by 6.3″

1.94 pounds
Laptop pocket (fits up to a 15″ MacBook Pro or 14″ laptop
Tablet pocket fits 11″ iPad Pro

Design and features

Inateck is a brand that makes Carry products and electronic accessories for those shopping on a budget. It’s inevitable that you’ll see some compromises at this price point, but the gear I’m checking out does a pretty good job of making it work. We will check the backpack first, then the laptop sleeve.

The Backpack

Simple, straightforward functionality is the name of the game with the Inateck backpack. The primary material is 600D polyester with soft cotton padding to protect your goods. There is nothing fancy in the style… the basic black is the color scheme, which works great for a trip to the office. Here is an overview of the basic profile:

You’ll get an elastic pocket on each side for water bottles and such. It won’t expand for bigger hydration bottles, but my narrow beastie fits in there just fine.

There’s a nice, big “secret” stash pocket that runs the width of the back panel. It measures 6″deep by about 7.5″ long, and has a light grey vinyl lining so you can see your stuff. A nice bonus feature, but keep in mind that lumpy items will sit right on your lower lumbar area.

A generous 10″by 9″ front pocket, also lined with that grey vinyl, sits on the front of the bag. There is an organizer in there for pens and whatnots. Basic, but also very functional.

The dual grab handles have a wee bit of padding, and snap together with a loop of vinyl and a button clasp. This will secure the top flap, and the 600D polyester offers water resistance to keep your electronics from taking a bath.

That top flap is secured with a strip of no-frills velcro, and doubles as another storage pocket that also generously sized at 5″by 9″. The inclusion of textured zipper pullover is a nice feature for a bag in this price range.

You’ll get to the main compartment through a pair of zips on the top of the bag, where things are also kept simple and straightforward. A padded sleeve will take a 15″MacBook Pro or a 14″ laptop, while a second padded sleeve houses your tablet. A bit of vinyl and velcro secures these pockets. You’ll also find a pair of no-frills 5″ by 7″ storage pockets on the back of the front panel for cables and anything.

This means that you can charge your phone or other devices on the go. I have a 3 foot USB cable that I use to charge my iPhone, and it’s a nice surprise to have this feature built-in when I am on the run.

Your carry harness is basic stuff. Cotton padded straps with a little breathable material on the back, a few loops and a D-ring for attachment points, and that’s it. It feels just fine to carry if you’re going light. Note that the bag does not have a frame or structure, so heavy loads or elements of unusual shape can become a chore. It works just fine for simple commuting duties.

The Laptop Sleeve

The laptop sleeve is a similar story with respect to materials. The polyester external fabric has a nice grey heathered pattern that dresses it up as you dash between meetings.

Your 13″ laptop or tablet is protected by a soft cotton padded lining against bumps and rustles. Those little bumpers prevent scratching as you pull your machine in and out.

The sleeve is straightforward and simple, which I like quite a bit. Sometimes these sleeves get too complicated with business card slots, pen holders, and little pockets for accessories that you may or may not need. For my primary use, which is running between meetings, it does a fine job of collecting the extra stuff and leaving a hand free for my coffee. And this is not a bad thing.

Final thoughts

The Inateck Backpack and Laptop sleeve are worth your consideration if you need something inexpensive and simple. But know that you’re compromising a lot with respect to durability, carry comfort, and laptop protection at this price point. If these two items were designed as an integrated unit (with the laptop sleeve being removable), it would solve a lot of problems with respect to protecting your laptop. But the USB port is a nice PLUS, and it the backpack will be just fine for light commuting. They do the best they can at a bargain price. Just do not wait until it is a 10-year-old bag.

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