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COMMENTS-OK, I’ll drive… I love this thing. I know that the BRYDGE PRO is not for all iPad users, for reasons I will happen. But for me, this at least partly corresponds to how I want to use my tablet. Last year, Bill Henderson introduced the Brydge 12.9 Series II Bluetooth keyboard for the previous generation of iPad Pros. But with the new iPad models come new accessories. Well, Brydge’s engineers have gone back to the drawing board and created an even better wireless keyboard that really turns your iPad Pro into a small MacBook.

A bit of backstory: for years, Julie and I have been discussing the possibility of using a tablet as a primary computing device. And meanwhile, the world of technology has always moved so slowly in this direction. Many might support Android tablets are closer to the finish line only iPads, but with iPadOS coming, Apple is finally in play. With people like BRYDGE creating feature-enhancing accessories, Adobe releasing Photoshop for iPad, and iPadOS becoming its own mobile operating system, we are finally at a point where this technological dream comes true.

What is it?

The BRYDGE PRO is a Bluetooth keyboard specifically designed for the recent generation of iPad Pro, offering a (surprising) MacBook-like experience. The aluminum cover perfectly matches the colors of current iPad Pros and turns your tablet into a Mini MacBook pro With Touch Screen.

What’s in the box?

  • Brydge Pro 11.0 Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Magnetic Protective cover for blocking
  • USB-C powered cable
  • Quick start guide

Design and features

The BRYDGE pro keyboard is made of high quality solid aircraft aluminum and gives the cover a very Apple feel. The PRO has great weight and robust build quality. And like the MacBook and MacBook Pro, The BRYDGE PRO has four rubber feet, so your iPad Pro and keyboard won’t slide around your desk or table during use.

The BRYDGE PRO can be configured to have three modes: laptop to type, tablet to draw/take notes and Movie-to watch videos hands-free. In general, I kept my setup 99% of the time in laptop mode, where I was typing and watching movies/videos. When I wanted to use my iPad as a pure tablet, I simply pulled my iPad out of the hinges/clamps of the BRYDGE PRO.

I have an ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector and a Slickwrap skin on the back of my iPad Pro. These combine to slightly increase the thickness of my tablet (<0.5mm), but due to the extremely precise tolerances, the iPad does not fit perfectly in the hinge. But only by a millimeter, the BRYDGE PRO still works as expected.

According to BRYDGE, the PRO’s battery life is impressive and can last up to 12 months. But it is with limited use and no backlight on the buttons. But if the backlight is turned on, the battery should last almost a whole day (that is, 20 hours). What I can say is that I have been using the Brydge pro keyboard for a few weeks, turning it on and off for a total of about 12 hours and more, and the battery life is still strong.

BRYDGE includes a magnetic back cover that works great with the PRO’s hinge design. The hard rubber back cover is relatively thin with a cutout for the entire iPad Pro camera. Overall, the back cover works pretty well, although it comes off quite easily and can use stronger magnets.

Final considerations

BRYDGE’s Design and materials engineers have done an amazing job developing a Bluetooth keyboard that turns your iPad Pro into a Mini MacBook Pro With Touch Screen. The BRYDGE PRO fits the iPad Pro perfectly – the high-quality feel, high-quality materials and user experience all feel like they came from Cupertino. The BRYDGE PRO adds excellent usability and functionality to your tablet. I only hope that the next Generation of a built-in Touchpad contains. But now, if you can live with the extra weight and volume, the BRYDGE PRO is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a keyboard for your iPad Pro.

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