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Sleep ASSESSMENT. We all need it, but for many of us, we do not have enough. Sleeping in hotel rooms is especially problematic. Noisy air conditioners, airplanes or traffic noise certainly contribute to the problem. My favorite are these two: the ubiquitous “I don’t care that this isn’t my house and I will speak as loudly at any time of the day as I want in the lobby” idiot in the hallway of you and the person in the room next to you who believes that “100” is the correct TV volume setting just because it doesn’t switch to “101”. How can someone sleep reasonably in these conditions? Many people rely on the machines of his sleep. These machines use digital or recorded sounds to mask other ambient noises and create a sound environment that is more conducive to sleep. This still means a bulky thing to pack, usually with its power cord and massive wall wart power supply. What if there was another solution, more portable and more flexible?

What is it?

The LectroFan Micro2 is a tiny (check the specs of!) Sleep sound machine that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker with a microphone for calls from your Smartphone. It is battery powered, which allows you to charge it during the day and use it at night with the battery while you charge your phone, which reduces the number of chargers you need to carry around.

What’s in the box?

LectroFan Mirco2
Instructions for use
Note that no power supply is included – you only use one of them

Material Specifications

  • Dimensions: 2″W x 2.1″ H (3.4″H if extended speaker)
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • powered Port: Micro USB, 5V/1A
  • Sounds: 11, non-looping digital sounds
  • Battery life: up to 40 hours in standby mode, up to 20 hours in Bluetooth speaker mode

Design and functions

The Micro2 is tiny. At about 2″ x 2″, there’s just not much. It is available in three colors. Metallic red, soft-touch white and soft-touch black. I was sent the black Soft-Touch model. The body is covered with a soft rubberized touch coating that feels very good. The speaker has a brushed silver edge and a black speaker grille.

When the speaker grab, either clockwise or counterclockwise, rotates around the speaker and tilts upwards.

When it hits completely straight, it clicks. This way, you can provide a certain level of lens so that you can direct the sound in your general direction.

The bottom of the Micro2 is made of rubber and offers a non-slip handle to hold it where you place it.

It also provides very basic instructions as well as the address of your website.

The control buttons are located on the bottom of the Micro2.

On closer inspection we find rubberized keys for the next or previous sound, a Play / Pause button and volume keys.

Taking a closer look, we see the two available Bluetooth modes on the left and the Sleep Sound mode on the right. The central position is the stop position. The USB port is located directly under the Poser switch.


The only configuration is loading the Micro2. The indicator light turns red when powered.


I first gave the Micro2 a test as a Bluetooth speaker. When connected to a Bluetooth source, the indicator light will turn blue.

As a Bluetooth speaker, the Micro2 is pretty much what you’d expect from something so small. The sound is good, not great, and the bass is far from absent. When playing music, the Skip keys on both sides of the Play/Pause button skip a track forwardbackward.

As a Bluetooth speaker for phone calls, I recommend you use something else. While I could hear my caller very clearly through the speaker, they didn’t hear me at all well. If I didn’t scream, they could barely tell I was talking. I tried again, but I put my wife on the speaker at the end of the call and I was on another phone. As my former caller reported, I couldn’t see anything my wife was saying. I could tell someone was talking, but the sound quality was just awful. It was essentially useless for phone calls.

These features are really Add-ons for the Micro2. It is primarily a sound machine, and this is where it becomes even more impressive.

The Micro2 can produce eleven unique, non-looping digital sounds. There are five different fan sounds, four brown and pink sounds and two synthesized Ocean Wave sounds. Most of us have heard the term “white noise”. But brown and pink? Your site:

As you can see, the sound level went from quiet to really, really loud. Suffice it to say that the Micro2 should contain enough Oomph to effectively mask annoying noises. And if you don’t need the entire volume, turn it down or choose one of the quietest sound effects.

Final Thoughts

I really like this little speaker and sound machine. It is so small that it is a breeze to pack it. With its variety of sound effects and large volume, almost everyone should be able to find one or two sounds that help drown out ambient noises that disturb sleep. The fact that it also works as a simple Bluetooth speaker is a big bonus. Since it can operate without electricity or battery, it offers great location flexibility. If the microphone actually works for phone calls, it would be almost perfect.

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