Altair Aerial Outlaw SE Drone with 1080p HD Camera

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Review – I saw a t-shirt on Etsy that said, “a bad day of flying is better than a good day of work,” and in the middle was a picture of a quadcopter drone. I love my job, but after a few weeks of driving Altair Aerial’s OUTLAW SE, I’m inclined to accept this T-shirt.

What is it?

The Altair Aerial Outlaw SE is a quadcopter with built-in 1080p HD camera that allows first-person view (FPV) through a mobile app. Altair describes it as an “all-level enabled GPS drone with return-to-home and follow-me features, which offers a number of professional-grade features.”

What’s in the box?


  • A Handheld Controller
  • One battery and one charger
  • 4 spare propellers with changing tool
  • A kit for attaching a mobile phone to the controller
  • A Quick Guide
  • A 19-page guide in English

Material Specifications

Camera: built-in 1080P HD
Range: up to 1950 feet
Connectivity: GPS and WiFi
Flight Time: 18-20 Minutes
Battery: lithium-ion
Body dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3 inches
Length of each propeller: 7.5 Inches
Weight: 2.8 Pounds

Design and features

The Outlaw SE is a stylish drone in a white plastic body. The built-in camera looks at the front of the body, like a Cyclops looking for his next victim.

Under the end of each arm is a light that can be green, red or yellow. They make it easy to view the drone, especially at dusk, and can be used to distinguish the front of the drone from the rear.

Installation and configuration

When I opened the box, I was glad I didn’t have to assemble the outlaw. The only thing that does not come out of the box is the battery. It was easy!

The first thing to do is to charge the battery of the drone which lasts almost 5 hours. The battery has a small cable hidden in a small room that can be removed to connect it to the charger. The USB cable is connected to the charger at one end and a USB power source at the other end. I’m a little concerned about this little cable that connects the battery to the charger. It is quite fragile and quite difficult to remove from the charger. Unless the drone breaks down — which I once did – I’m pretty sure it breaks first, and I want there to be a more robust grip here. The battery provides 18-20 minutes of flight time, and additional batteries can be purchased from Altair. The controller also needs batteries, a set of 4 AAs which are not included. It chews these batteries at a surprisingly fast pace, so it might be useful to use rechargeable batteries.

Altair Aerial has a number of videos on its website that are both informative and informative, so the next thing to do is watch them all.

The last thing to do is to carefully read the manual that explains each of the many features of Outlaw SE. I found the manual quite easy to understand, especially since I had already shown “Mike from Altair” what to do in the videos.

Once the battery was fully charged, it was time to get out and have fun. For my first test, I took my daughter and the dog to a city park where there was a huge parking lot and four baseball diamonds. I wanted a lot of space around me while I learned to fly this thing. As the videos and manual explain, there are a number of pre-flight setup steps that you must follow before flying the drone: turn on the controller, insert the battery and lock it and wait for the controller to sync with the drone.


Flying this drone is an explosion! It has a lot of strength and rises and moves very quickly. It is also Agile and revolves around a Penny. The track is fabulous and I can easily fly it to the edge of my vision. My favorite time to fly is just before dusk, because it is easier to see the lights under the prop and know exactly where it is and which direction it is pointing. If you want to have fun with a quadcopter, this is a good choice.

Controller properties

The controller has a button for automated takeoff and landing. Once the propellers take off, you can press this button and it will take off gracefully and rise to a height of about 6 feet; now you are ready to take control and fly. If the plane is already flying, you can press this button again and it will automatically land the drone. The landing process is a bit slow, as the drone descends gently, but the result is a surprisingly soft landing.

When the drone is in GPS mode, it has the ability to return home. When you press the Return key, The Outlaw is mounted at a safe height and then returns in a straight line to where it first established a GPS connection. This function is activated automatically if the drone loses connection to the controller or the battery becomes too low and the drone is more than 300 meters away.

The drone has two control modes, headless mode and normal mode. In headless mode, the idea is that there is no head (or forehead) of the UAV. At takeoff, the pilot is in the same direction as the drone, and from there he can fly without worrying about the orientation of the ship. The front is forward, the back is backward, etc. it must be very natural and therefore easier to fly. For some reason it didn’t feel very natural to me, so most of the time I was flying in normal mode. In this mode, the drone has a front and rear side, similar to a car. You set it to “drive” to go forward and set it to “reverse” to go back. You can turn left or right and even turn left and right. I really appreciate That Altair has designed two different modes; you can try both and use the mode that feels most natural to you!

Final considerations

I was a little nervous when I wanted to fly my first drone, but between the instructional videos, the detailed manual and the excellent safety features, Altair Aerial assured me that I didn’t have to worry. I loved driving the Outlaw SE and I loved taking pictures with it. This is a well-designed gadget. There are many drones you could buy, but if you are in the market for a medium range drone, the Outlaw SE would be a good choice!

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